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About us

Inspired by the works of Vygotzky, Montessori, and Piaget, our toys and materials provide just the right amount of challenge for each stage of development.

We are a team of early childhood professionals who are passionate about creating meaningful, educational, and safe toys for children. At the same time, we understand the challenges of being a parent and having to pick the right toy for the right time. That’s why we’ve accumulated our years of experience working in early childhood education and created Learning Time.

We’ve partnered with Tutor Time International Nursery and Kindergarten from Hong Kong to create our kits. We observe how real teachers and students interact with each toy, make improvements, and try again until we’ve created something truly fun, educational, and age-appropriate.

Our Mission and Vision

At LT, we adhere to a strict learn-through-play philosophy. Our kits target 4 main areas of development: cognitive, language, physical, and social and emotional. Our play guides offer information relevant to your child’s development, along with simple-to-follow learning games for kids.